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Chances are, you found this blog through reddit. I’m nedstarks_bastard there, and I’ve been having a lot of fun recently. I’ve taken the advice of many a kind stranger and decided to create a more permanent version of what I was trying to accomplish on reddit, and hopefully make it more meaningful for everyone involved as well.

I went with Internet for Good for a couple of reasons - number one, because it can be read as having a multitude of meanings; number two, because it exemplifies my goal in this project (in short form, using the internet for good); and number three, because it makes me feel like a superhero. Everybody should feel like a superhero at least once.

Essentially, my hope with this site is to expand my recent activities on reddit - namely, using bare instinct to urge people to explore their best selves. I’ve found in my short time on earth that humans really are capable of connecting to one another, and I learned even more recently that the internet, when used for good, has the capability of removing roadblocks that hamper connection.

This started with one simple comment on a site that seems to be known in the general populace for vitriol, spite, and my very least favorite thing about the internet, trolling. Somehow, despite that reputation, so many redditors still felt safe in opening up and expressing themselves. Because of you all, that simple comment snowballed into an incredible outpouring of love from more people than I can count. (I even got reddit gold! Thank you!)

Now, that original comment was in response to a redditor who said that the internet had better be the thing that makes them the most happy, because otherwise they would have wasted their life. I had an urge to respond, and a need to tell this person that it’s not over yet. Every day, you have the opportunity to unplug and play, so to speak. I’m here to remind you of that, in the most cheerful and fun way I am able to.

I’m so touched in your interest in my little project, and I hope that my part recommendation-part wish-part good luck charms bring half as much joy to you as your kindness and support have to me.

I do hope you’ll stay a while; we have so much to talk about together!